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Wood Fuel - Briquettes and Pellets

wood pellets

Wood pellets

The recent volatility of oil prices and the desire to produce carbon neutral fuels has led to a new interest in the development of new wood fuel products. A number of wood product manufacturers are now utilizing their wood processing residues to produce wood pellets and briquettes for sale into the local market. Both briquettes and pellets are manufactured by compressing wood residues such as sawdust, bark, and shavings into a fuelwood product that has superior heating value and is environmentally friendly.

Briquettes can be burned in normal wood burning stoves whereas pellets must be burned in wood pellet appliances that are designed solely to burn pellets.

Pellet stoves add beauty and warmth

Pellet stoves add beauty
and warmth

Manufacturing Fuel Briquettes

Manufacturing Fuel Briquettes

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