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Industry Support

The Department provides a wide range of support to forest industries in our Province. From an industry development perspective, the section provides technical advisory services as well as interagency liaison to individuals and companies in support of expanding socioeconomic returns from the Province's forest resource.

Objectives include:

  • promotion of primary production from underutilized portions of the resource such as the Labrador softwood resource and hardwoods on the Island;
  • promotion of secondary and value-added production both from current primary products and from new operations based mostly in birch;
  • promotion of improved fibre and processing efficiency in sawing facilities through applying sophisticated analytical procedures;
    • market expansion through market reconnaissance and opportunity development;
    • ensuring market access through regional and national action in accessing barriers to trade such as the CAN/US Softwood Lumber Dispute and subsequent agreements;
    • maintaining historical and on-going statistics on forest industry production and value;
    • administration of the Provincial Timber Scaling (measurement) program including new procedures development in accordance with nationally (Canadian Standards Association) recognized standards;
  • promotion of an enhanced image of the industry as a whole through support for and liaison with industry associations such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Lumber Producers Association; and
  • overall non-specific support for technology and information transfer through skilled professional and technical staff in liaison with educational institutions, forestry associations and equipment manufacturers nationally and internationally; and through participation in federal and provincial government policy development initiatives.

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