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Wildlife Permits/Licences

The following permits and licences are issued by the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources.  Permits and licences or further information may be obtained by contacting your nearest Forest Management District Office. Information on other wildlife permits and licences not listed can be obtained on the Department of Environment and Climate Change's website.

Livestock protection from Coyote permit.

Livestock protection from Coyote permits are only available to Livestock Producers to address specific coyote problems upon demonstrated need/request. These permits are available at any Forestry and Agrifoods Agency Regional, District office or Inland Fish and Wildlife Division office.

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Permit to possess a Non-game specimen for Taxidermy

Members of the general public requesting permission to possess non-game specimens for taxidermy purposes (mounting) are to bring the specimen to the nearest Forestry and Agrifoods Agency office for examination by a Conservation Officer. The Conservation Officer will determine whether the specimen has to be turned over to the Officer or if a permit will be issued.

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Permit to Transport Big Game in Closed Season

A permit to transport Big Game in Closed Season may be issued to a person who, having killed any big game during the open season for that game, is unable to remove the game from the place where it was killed before the close of the season open for that game.

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Bear Protection Permits

See Permit to destroy Problem Animals

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Big Game Replacement Licence

If a hunting licence has been lost, stolen or damaged, you must get a replacement licence before you continue hunting. A Big Game Replacement Licence and tags are available from a field office when an affidavit (describing the circumstances of the loss and signed by a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public) is provided.

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Resident General Caribou Licence and Resident Special Caribou Licence - Labrador

In Labrador, residents can obtain a licence each year to hunt caribou in prescribed zones. Resident General Caribou Licences and Resident Special Caribou Licences are available form vendor outlets throughout the region, from Government Service Centres or from the Forest Resources Regional Office. Residents not living within the Torngat Mountain electorial district are required to have a General Caribou Licence in order to hunt in any open prescribed Labrador zones. Residents must reside in the Torngat Mountains Electorial District for six months to obtain a special Caribou Licence. Caribou taken on a Special Caribou Licence can only be harvested from the Torngat Mountain and George River Zones.

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Export Permits

Export permits must be acquired by trappers who send furs directly to companies, agents or buyers outside the Province. A Fur Export Permit is required for each individual shipment. An export permit is also required to ship wild meat out of the province such as with the case of non-resident hunters.

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Firearms Transport Permit

A permit is required to transport non-restricted firearms and ammunition during a closed hunting season. A Firearms Transport Permit is also required to transport non-restricted firearms and ammunition for the purposes of sighting or target practice in areas.

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Permit to Destroy Problem Animals

A permit is required to destroy moose, black bears or other wildlife which may be interfering with farm crops, operations, dwellings or the like when other mitigations fail or may not be effective. Suitable particulars of the situation must be provided for a permit to be issued.

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Permit to Run Dogs

Running of dogs is prohibited by regulation from April 1 to August 31, with the exception under a permit which may be issued by the Minister of Environment & Conservation or his agent. Determinations on permits are made annually in consideration of various factors.

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Permits under Endangered Species Legislation

The Endangered Species Act was assented to December 13, 2001. Under this Act, permits may be issued in certain situations and under specific conditions. For further information, see the Department of Environment & Conservation

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Salmonier Nature Park Entry/Travel Permits

With the exception of the interpretation areas and displays, a permit is required to enter the Salmonier Nature Park. The permit specifies limited activity which may occur under the permit and specifies prohibited activities. Contact the Salmonier Nature Park for further information. Separate permits are required to enter wilderness areas such as the Avalon Wilderness Area or the Bay du Nord Wilderness Area which are currently available through Forest Resources.

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Temporary Outdoor Identification Card

Outdoor Identification cards are issued by the Conservation Services Section of the Inland Fish and Wildlife Division of the Department of Environment & Conservation (Phone 637-2006 or fax 637-2032). Temporary OIC's can be issued by field offices of Forest Resources.

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