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Timber Sale Agreement

A Timber Sale Agreement (TSA) is a contractual agreement between government and a registered company, for the harvest and extraction of timber from forested parcels of crown land. Any registered business that qualifies and has an interest in harvesting these areas may bid in an open and fair, competitive bidding process.  All TSA areas are approved through existing five-year Forestry and annual operating plan approvals and have been vetted through Environmental Assessment.

The Provincial Government is seeking candidates to bid on standing timber with the intent to harvest and utilize the fibre for value-added markets.  Applications will be assessed and ranked using a predetermined evaluation matrix based on the following criteria:

  • value of bid;

  • commercial viability and value of manufacturing;

  • applicants proximity to Timber Sale Agreement area;

  • potential employment of the application;

  • companies ability to meet regulatory compliance; and

  • the applicant's operational capacity.

Companies are required to submit a suitable proposal that clearly demonstrates their ability to meet their plan objectives. To submit a bid, candidates must complete and submit a Timber Sale Agreement Application Form PDF Icon (210 KB) and provide any additional information to help support their bid.  This may include further business information, a revised resource access plan, details on their proposed operations and harvesting schedule. 

Applicants may refer to the Timber Sale Agreement Applicantion Guide PDF Icon (331 KB) for a full breakdown of requirements.   

Parties interested in bidding on a TSA are strongly encouraged to review the TSA Request for Bids Information Package, which includes a site overview, volume information and a suggested Resource Access Plan, before submitting bids.  They are also encouraged to visit the TSA site to verify the information presented in the TSA Request for Bids Information Package is accurate.  

Other supporting documentation to assist candidates in submitting a suitable proposal include:

Further information can be obtained by emailing

Timber Sale Agreements Currently Available

Request for Bids Information Package: Location: Overview: Minimum Bid: Application Deadline:
Traverspine River
PDF Icon (619 KB)
FMD 19
North West River
Traverspine River
TSA Area: 18 ha
Softwood: 2,572 m3
Hardwood: 72 m3
$3,966 OPEN
Please contact for further information
Pine Pond
 PDF Icon (1.36 MB)
Pine Pond
TSA Area: 328 ha
Softwood: 9,945 m3
Hardwood: 3,085 m3
$13,030 OPEN
Please contact for further information
Content East
PDF Icon (1.31 MB)
FMD 05
Content East
TSA Area: 1026 ha
Softwood: 28,408 m3
Hardwood: 254 m3
$28,662 OPEN
Please contact for further information

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Timber Sale Agreement Results

Timber Sale Agreement: Location: Released: Tender Report:
TSA-006-18 White Hills PDF Icon (1.16 MB) FMD 02 - Clarenville August 30, 2018 TSA-006-18 Tender Report PDF Icon (35 KB)

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