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Trembling Aspen



  • 4-7.5 cm. in length
  • rounded, fine toothed with abrupt point on long-flattened stem
  • shiny dark green on top, pale green below


  • greenish capsule about ½ cm. in length
  • appears in May or June
  • arranged in catkins containing small tufted seeds, opening at maturing


  • smooth
  • pale green with waxy appearance on young trees, turning grey
  • rough and furrowed into long flat ridges with age


  • a heavy, strong softwood
  • one of the most widely distributed trees in North America
  • averages 12 m. in height and 20-26 cm. in diameter
  • grows on a variety of sites, often in pure stands
  • not of commercial importance to Newfoundland
  • favoured ornamental and a choice food for beaver
  • often grows quickly on burnovers reproducing from root suckers - the main natural method of reproduction


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