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Showy Mountain Ash



  • 12.5 to 25.5 cm. long
  • composed of 11 to 15 sparsely tapered, sharp-tipped leaflets 5 to 9 cm. long by 1 to 2.5 cm. wide
  • blue-green above, paler and sometimes slightly hairy below


  • round, berry-like, scarlet in color about ½ to 1 cm. in diameter often remaining on the tree over winter


  • greenish-brown
  • smooth and thin on young stems
  • becoming a slightly scaly, dark grey on old trunks


  • commonly called dogberry trees in Newfoundland Showy Mountain Ash is favored as an ornamental tree around residences and parks because of its bright orange-red berries
  • generally a small, bushy tree, growing mostly on stream banks or near lakes, it is common for it to reach 7.5 m in height and a few cm. in diameter



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