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Speckled Alder



  • oval, 4 - 8 cm long
  • rounded or heart-shaped at the base, and finely sharp-toothed
  • they are dark green, hairless and wrinkled above, whitened and dull, and often somewhat hairy beneath
  • the main veins beneath are brown and hairy
  • there are 10 or more pair of veins to each leaf and cross veins join to form a ladder-like pattern


  • small wingless nutlets in oval, woody 'cones', 1 - 2 cm long
  • nutlets mature in the fall but the 'cones' often persist for a year or more


  • smooth, reddish-brown with conspicuous horizontal orange lenticels


  • grow to 3.5 m or more in height
  • found in wet places - swamps, stream margins and other low-lying areas
  • it is absent from the Avalon Peninsula and the Great Northern Peninsula
  • in Labrador it occurs mostly in the forested areas ranging as far north as 55 degrees latitude


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