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Red Pine



  • 10 - 16.5 cm. long
  • needle-shaped leaves
  • shiny and dark green in colour
  • one flat and one rounded side
  • usually in clusters of two


  • 4 - 6 cm. long
  • oval-shaped
  • often dull and mottled in colour
  • scales slightly thicker at tips
  • maturing and opening in autumn
  • cones shed in spring


  • reddish and scaly on young trees
  • reddish-brown with shallow furrows in long, flat, scaly plates on old trunks


  • Red Pine has the longest needles of any eastern Canadian Pine
  • usually reaches a height of 18 - 24 m. with a 50 - 100 cm. diameter
  • In Newfoundland its distribution is sparse
  • situated mainly in small isolated stands
  • characterized by a limbless trunk and symmetrical, oval crown
  • grows in pure stands mixed with spruces and fir
  • prefers deep sand or gravel soils
  • because of its rareness, efforts are being made to make Red Pine a protected species


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