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Red Maple



  • 5-15 cm. in length
  • 3 to 5 lobed
  • sharp-pointed with irregular, sharp, double-teeth
  • side and top lobes often form a right angle
  • light green above, paler below, turning bright red in autumn


  • 2-3 cm. in length
  • red to red-brown
  • terminally winged samaras with slightly diverging wings separated at an angle of about 60 degrees, falling at maturity


  • at first a smooth, light grey or reddish-brown, becoming a dark-grey
  • breaks into long narrow scaly plates


  • in autumn, leaves are often bright red in colour
  • although it may reach 27.5 m. in height, it seldom exceeds 12 m. in Newfoundland with 15-20 cm. in diameter
  • grows on a variety of sites and is not found in Labrador


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