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Pin Cherry



  • 6-11.5 cm in length
  • lance-shaped, fine toothed with a slender, sharp tip
  • often curved to one side inward at the tip
  • bright, shiny, green above, paler below, often turning bright red in autumn


  • bright red, berry-like
  • ½ -1 cm. in diameter on a long stalk
  • sour but edible flesh ripening in late August or early September


  • thin and smooth
  • dark reddish-brown, often marked by raised, horizontal elongated, orange, powdery markings (lenticles)


  • most commonly a small tree
  • 3 - 7.5 m in height
  • grows on a variety of sites and is often found on new clearing and burned over area
  • doesn't grow well in shade, and in forests where is has become over shadowed
  • it often appears to be dead or unhealthy
  • although it has no commercial value, it is useful in preventing erosion in burned or cleared forest land


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