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Mountain Maple



  • 10-12.5 cm. in length
  • usually 3-lobed with shallow, V-shaped notches
  • coarse-toothed on slender, reddish stalks inward at the tip
  • yellowish-green above, paler with soft whitish hairs below


  • brown-coloured wings about 2 cm in length
  • with indentation on one side of the seed portion
  • angle between wings less than 90 degrees
  • bright red in summer, falling at maturity


  • thin, reddish to greyish-brown
  • smooth or slightly grooved


  • the smallest of the eastern maples
  • seldom exceed 7.5 m in height with a diameter of 7-17 cm
  • found throughout the island part of the Province
  • grows best in rich, moist soil
  • requires a certain amount of shade and is rarely found in the open
  • sometimes used as an ornamental tree and has no economic importance


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