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Mountain Alder



  • oval, 4-8 cm. in length
  • rounded or heart-shaped at the base with fine sharp-toothed
  • surface is dark green, hairless and wrinkled above, light green and shiny beneath
  • main veins beneath are brown and usually have hairs
  • there are 7-8 veins on each leaf and cross veins do not join


  • small, winged nutlets in oval, woody 'cones'
  • 1-2 cm in length
  • nutlets mature in the fall but the 'cones' often persist for a year or more


  • gray or reddish-gray
  • not so conspicuously marked with lenticels as the Speckled Alder
  • becomes scaly with age


  • commonly grow up to 3 m in height
  • found along roadsides, stream banks, pond fringes, in wet thickets and swamps, onrocky slopes and in other dry areas
  • occur throughout Newfoundland and Labrador


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