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Choke Cherry



  • 5-10 cm in length
  • inverted oval-shaped
  • generally widest above the middle, tapering abruptly to a point at the tip
  • fine-toothed, dark green above, paler and smooth below


  • crimson or dark red
  • ½ -1 cm in diameter
  • ripens in late August to early September, juicy edible sour flesh


  • A thin smooth grey or reddish-brown, becoming slight furrowed and scaly on very old trunks


  • usually found as a small tree or shrub
  • ranges from 3 - 7.5 cm in height
  • found on the island portion of the Province in small thickets or scattered along streams, highways or fringes of forests
  • distinguishable from the Pin Cherry by its dark red fruit
  • its small size makes it of no commercial importance
  • fruit is eaten by birds and is sometimes used in preserves or jelly


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