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Balsam Poplar



  • 7.5-15 cm in length
  • alternately oval or heart-shaped
  • sharp-pointed, with fine, low rounded teeth that turn inward at the tip
  • dark green above, pale green below
  • rusty brown resinous blotches, round stalk


  • egg-shaped
  • light brown pods about ½ cm in length
  • contained in catkins, splitting in two parts to discharge small tufted seeds at maturity


  • smooth greenish-brown at youth
  • turning to dark-grey and deeply furrowed with flat topped rough ridges


  • balsam-like odour from its buds
  • grows up to 18 m in height
  • 30-50 cm in diameter
  • is easily distinguishable by its oval or heart-shaped leaves
  • often found in association with White Birch, Balsam Fir, and various willows and alders
  • grows best in rich, moist soils


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