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Black Ash



  • 25.5-40.5 cm in length
  • 7-10 stalkless leaflets in pairs on a stout stem
  • leaflets are fine-tooth, lance-shaped
  • 7.5-12.5 cm in length
  • slender tip, dark green above, paler below
  • smooth except for tufts of hair along the mid-vein below


  • 2.5-4 cm in length
  • thin, oblong samara
  • wing extending to the base of the seed cavity, completely surrounding it, often twisted
  • shed during autumn and early winter


  • grey and slightly roughened on young stems
  • scaly and shallowly furrowed into soft ridges on older trunks


  • found only on the west coast of the Island, south of Bonne Bay
  • one of the most northerly growing ashes
  • confined to west sites along rivers or the margins of swamps
  • grows 12-18 m in height with a 30-50 cm diameter
  • used commercially for interior finish, fixtures and cabinet work


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