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American Mountain Ash



  • 15-25.5 cm in length
  • 11-17 leaflets on a moderately stout stem
  • leaflets are lance-shaped
  • 5-9 cm in length
  • fine toothed, bright green above, paler and slightly hairy below


  • circular, berry-like
  • glossy, orangey-red about ½ cm in diameter
  • found in large clusters, often remaining on the tree over winter


  • smooth, thin, reddish-brown on young stems
  • slightly scaly grey with age


  • small, often bushy and shrub-like
  • with several stems rising from the same root system
  • grows from 3 - 9m in height
  • 10-256 cm in diameter
  • prefers rich open sites with abundant moisture
  • it is found in pure stands, but grows either singly or in small clumps


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