Fisheries and Land Resources

Forestry and Agrifoods

Forest Resource of Labrador

Broad scale forest resource map created in the mid 1990s using Landsat Satellite imagery.

  • reslab01.jpgHeavily Stocked Spruce/Fir Commercial Forest
  • reslab02.jpgModerately Stocked Spruce/Fir Commercial Forest
  • reslab03.jpgNon-Commercial Black Spruce Forest
  • reslab04.jpgLichen Woodland
  • reslab05.jpgHardwood/Softwood Mixed
  • reslab06.jpgHardwood Scrub
  • reslab07.jpgPeatland
  • reslab08.jpgRecent Burn
  • reslab09.jpgRecent Cut
  • reslab10.jpgTundra and Rock Barren
  • reslab11.jpgNon-Forest Landuse
  • reslab12.jpgFresh Water
  • reslab13.jpgRoad
  • reslab14.jpgRailway


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