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This ecoregion represents a narrow coastal zone 20-25km in width extending from Bonavista Bay to the Baie Verte Peninsula. Black Spruce and Balsam Fir form a continuous forest except where barrens dominate on the coastal headlands. White Spruce is more common than in Central Newfoundland, but Trembling Aspen is sporadic and rarely forms pure stands. Alnus crispa replaces Alnus rugosa as the dominant alder on both upland and lowland sites. The vegetation season is shorter and cooler than in Central Newfoundland but the frost-free period is several weeks longer. The summers are relatively dry and warm and soil moisture deficiencies may occur. As with the Central Newfoundland Ecoregion, encroachment of ericaceous shrubs on dry nutrient-poor sites after cutting and fire is a serious silvicultural problem. Also, the quality of growth diminishes with proximity to the coastline. There are no subregions in this ecoregion. The landtypes are similar to those for the Central Newfoundland Ecoregion.


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