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Backlog Silviculture

Large areas of productive forest land are currently occupied by poor-quality, non-commercial forests due to past fires, repeated insect attack, high-grading (removal of only the best trees), and other factors.

  • Site Reclamation, or Backlog Silviculture, is the most common treatment for this type of forest
  • Most backlog treatments are labour-intensive

Treatment consists of clearing, preparing, and planting a site to establish a vigorous new forest.

  • A manual (chainsaw) salvage cut is first made which fells the existing forest and  salvages any merchantable trees
  • Logging debris is then burned or raked to prepare the area for planting
  • The area is then planted to complete the treatment
  • Since the 1970's, more than 25,000 hectares of productive forest land has been reclaimed in this fashion


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