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Fire Hazard Map - Actual

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The Fire Hazard map is intended for general public information and outlines the risk of wildland fire occurring. The Fire Hazard is a relative rating of how easy it is to ignite forest vegetation and available fuels, how fast a fire may spread, and how difficult a fire may be to control.

Fire Hazard Rating for
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Note: The Fire Hazard Map is updated daily at approximately 2:30 p.m.

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Status Description
Low Fire starts are unlikely. Although fires may occur, weather and vegetation conditions will lead to less intense, slower spreading fires. Fires are not likely to become serious and should be easily controlled.
Moderate Weather conditions are creating drier forest conditions. The risk of surface fires starting and spreading has increased. Wildfires may be expected, but control is usually not difficult. Activities on forested land should be conducted with caution.
High Weather conditions have continued to dry forest vegetation increasing the risk of wildfires occurring. Fires may start easily, burn quickly, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Caution should be exercised when conducting activities on forested land. Open fires requiring a Permit to Burn are prohibited and industrial activities may be restricted.
Very High The fire risk is serious. Forest vegetation is very dry and fires will start easily, burn vigorously, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Burning Permits are suspended, open fires including campfires are prohibited and industrial activities may be restricted. Exercise extreme caution when conducting activities on forested land.
Extreme There is an extreme risk of fire and dangerous forest conditions exist. New fires will start very easily, spread rapidly, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Many forest related activities will be banned or restricted to ensure public safety. This includes closing access to forested areas, cancelling Burning Permits, restricting industrial activities, and prohibiting open fires and campfires.
Nil The Fire Hazard rating is currently unavailable for this region.


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