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The Provincial Forest Fire Equipment Bank is responsible for purchasing, maintaining, storing and distributing most equipment used for the suppression of wildfires. Housed at this facility are fire pumps, fire hose, sprinkler systems, hand tools, back tanks, thermal imaging infrared cameras, tool kits, fuel supply tanks, foam deployment equipment, and many of the accessories required by firefighters on the fireline.

An equipment repair technician carries out routine maintenance and major repairs to fire pumps, back tanks and mechanical equipment utilized for fire suppression. A Forest Ranger, Conservation Officers and, during busy fire periods, casual labours look after the hose maintenance and repairs and the refurbishing of tool kits, foam kits, sprinkler kits, etc. These employees also test all pumps housed or repaired at the bank as well as check and repair hand tools, fuel supply tanks, hose stranglers and other small fire line items.


The operation of the Provincial Fire Equipment Bank comes under the direction of the Regional Conservation Officer III, (Forest Fire Protection) for Eastern Region who is also tasked with the purchasing of most major fire line equipment and the adherence to national equipment specifications.

A radio maintenance technician is responsible for maintaining the department's radio communications system, (including repeater sites, portable, mobile and base station radios) and technical support to users and purchasers of communications equipment.


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