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Regional Forest Fire Control Centre


The function of the Regional Forest Fire Control Centre is to co-ordinate communications and assignment of resources between forest fires occurring in the Eastern Region.

The Regional Forest Fire Duty Officer (RDO) maintains communications with district duty officers, forest fire incident managers in Eastern Region, regional duty officers in other regions, forest fire co-operators and Forest Fire Headquarters in Corner Brook. The RDO is responsible for decision making as it relates to deployment of regional resources and acquiring additional resources from other regions or agencies.

The forest fire dispatcher, under the direction of the RDO, will dispatch aircraft, both air tankers and helicopters, to fires in the region as requested. They record all relevant communications in a forest fire log book, maintain up-to-date forest fire information, compile daily weather observations and provide fire situation updates to Headquarters.

The Conservation Officer III (Forest Fire Protection) oversees the operation of the centre ensuring continuity between duty officers and dispatchers. The CO III also co-ordinates the fire program activities throughout the region, organizes training initiatives and liaisons between regions and headquarters.

The Forest Fire Protection Centre serves as a base for a regional Helitack Crew. This two-person crew responds to forest fire reports in the central part of the Eastern Region generally within Forest Management Districts 4, 5, 6 and 8. The crew also has access to a fire truck to respond to fires in and around the Town of Gander and Gander International Airport.


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