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The Forestry Services Branch seeks assistance from the public in reporting any violation of provincial forest resource legislation (Forestry Act, Endangered Species Act (non-wildlife) Animal Health and Protection Act, Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act, Motorized Snow Vehicle and All-Terrain Vehicle Act and associated regulations).


Newfoundland and Labrador's crown timber, wildlife and other forest resources are the common property of the people of the Province. The resource is everyone's responsibility to maintain and protect. Unfortunately not everybody shares this responsibility. Provincial Conservation Officers patrol the province for illegal activities such as; illegal timber harvesting, animal health, unauthorized forest removal practices, damaging of habitats, and other law offences.

We need your help to protect our resources from those that choose to break the law. The followinig are some tips on what to observe, record and report if you encounter suspected illegal activity.

As crimes against forest resources increase and offenders adopt more sophisticated methods, there is a need for people to assist these officers by following the Observe, Record and Report protocol described below.

What to Observe

The types of violations to look out for include:

  • Illegal timber harvesting
  • Wildfire (157 KB)
  • Animal neglect or abuse
  • Habitat degredation-unapproved use

Your ability to recognize a violation improves by becoming more familiar with current provincial laws and regulations. Feel free to contact a provincial conservation officer if you have any questions about applicable legislation.

An important safety consideration is not to approach or confront a suspected violator.

What to record

Accurate observation and reporting is essential to help prevent these illegal activities, and to bring violators to justice. Important information to record in writing, include:

  • Date and time of Violation
  • Description of Violator
  • Name (if known)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eye Colour
  • Physical Marks or Scars
  • Clothing and Peculiarities

Details of Violation

  • Type of Offence
  • Action of Violator
  • Type of Timber Harvesting Equipment Used
  • Location

Description of Vehicle, Vessel or Aircraft

  • Licence No.
  • Province or State
  • Make and Model
  • Colour
  • Unusual Marks


  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone

How to Report

Once the important facts have been recorded, you may contact your local conservation officer, Crimestoppers opens new window, or other authority to report a violation.

Please act immediately.

With timely, accurate information a violator may be apprehended and convicted without it being necessary for you to appear in court as a witness. It is frequently vital for an officer to contact you directly, however, to confirm details of the event you have reported. For this reason, it is requested that you provide your identification information. Anonymous reports have low priority for investigation because of the difficulty of corroborating information, getting warrants, etc. Your name will not be released to any person without your consent.


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