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The Regional Services Division is the operational arm of the Forestry Branch responsible for the delivery of the various forest management programs. The province is divided into three forest management regions: Eastern, Western and Labrador and further subdivided into 24 Forest Management Districts, 18 on the Island portion of the province and 6 in Labrador.


  • Provides district level Forest Ecosystem Management Planning and various program delivery. Programs include silviculture, resource roads, inventory, forest protection and the monitoring of harvesting operations.
  • Forest Management District Offices enforce relevant acts and regulations covering forestry, forest protection, animal health and protection, motorized snow vehicles and all-terrain vehicles, endangered species (non-wildlife issues) and wilderness and ecological reserves (non-wildlife issues).
  • There are two tree nurseries in the province which operate under the Regional Services arm of the Department. One tree nursery is located in Wooddale near the town of Grand Falls with a smaller nursery located in Goose Bay. The Wooddale operation supplies seedlings to planting operations on the Island portion of the province, while the Goose Bay nursery supplies trees for the planting operations in Labrador.
  • Issues wood harvesting permits to commercial and domestic users.
  • Responds to moose/caribou vehicle collisions and a wide variety of wildlife issues including nuisance animal complaints (i.e., injured moose, caribou, black bear, polar bear and beaver).


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