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Land Resource Stewardship Division


The Land Resource Stewardship Division is responsible for soil surveys, land use, & agric-environmental issues. The Division is divided into two Sections: Soils and Mapping Services; and Environmental and Land Use Services.


  • Provide soil surveys covering a large portion of the island, and parts of Labrador,
  • Conduct Soil Assessments on potential and existing farm land
  • Agri-Environmental and Land use services,
  • Agriculture Property Tax Exemption Program
  • Agriculture Limestone Program
  • Environmental Farm Planning program
  • Land Consolidation Program
  • Soil, plant and feed testing,
  • Publications and programs to support environmental management


Our programs & services extend to farmers and the general public.


Land Resource Stewardship Division
Fortis Building - 4 Herald Avenue
P.O. Box 2006
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6J8
Tel: 709 637-2081
Fax: 709 637-2586

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