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Agrifoods Development Branch

The Agrifoods Development Branch is responsible for promoting the continued development, expansion and diversification of competitive and sustainable primary and value-added agriculture and agrifoods businesses. The branch provides programs and services as follows:

  • Technical advice on the production, processing and marketing of food and other agricultural products in a manner that maximizes profits while also acting responsibly towards food safety, animal welfare and sound land and environmental stewardship.
  • Professional veterinary assistance in the prevention and treatment of disease as well as the avoidance of residues in food products.
  • Analytical services from the Animal Health Laboratory and the Soil, Plant and Feed Laboratory.
  • Operation of mandatory food safety programs
  • Support of research into new agricultural products and practices, as well as animal diseases of economic and public health importance.
  • Funding opportunities to encourage growth and diversification in the agrifoods industry.

Programs and services are provided through the following divisions within the branch:


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