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The agriculture industry is of vital importance to this province, from the contribution it makes to the Provincial economy to the fresh local food it provides to the Newfoundland and Labrador consumer.

Similar to the rest of the Country, the Newfoundland and Labrador agricultural industry faces many challenges in striving to grow and diversify such as a growing population, global competition, climate change uncertainties, bio-security risks, and consolidation of the food industry. Of particular importance in this Province is the fact that most of the food and agricultural inputs come from outside the province, putting it in a vulnerable position from a sustainability standpoint. Each and every one of these challenges needs to be addressed to ensure an adequate, profitable, sustainable agricultural industry that produces safe, high quality food products for Newfoundland and Labrador consumers.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador supports a strong Agricultural Research and Development Program which is defined by building science based knowledge and innovation capacity. The Provincial Agricultural Research and Development Program is a provincially funded program totaling $1 M annually.

Provincial government scientists are currently investigating opportunities to:

  • improve on-farm competitiveness and profitability;
  • research the production practices of crops and livestock, both traditional and new, to increase industry diversification;
  • increase the value of production through secondary processing;
  • research potential economic and health threats (e.g. animal diseases, pests, etc.) related to the province's agricultural industry; and
  • enhance environmental sustainability.

These scientists collaborate with industry in piloting and testing new products and technologies in an agronomic system so that the science is applicable and can be adopted to be used on Newfoundland and Labrador farms.

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