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In 2007 Statistics Canada reported 60 greenhouse operations in the province with 614,100 square feet of space. Farm cash receipts were valued at $7.3 million in 2007. The main crops grown are ornamental bedding plants, potted plants, shrubs and trees, ground covers and vegetable transplants. Newfoundland produces close to 90% of the bedding plant and 100% of the vegetable transplant commodities.

This is a growing sector in this province with many opportunities including:

  • the ability to maintain our share of the bedding plant and vegetable transplants market. Bedding plants imported into the province the past number of years are putting a downward pressure on the prices of locally grown plants and are beginning to take some share of the low end market. To maintain our market share, we need to provide better quality plants, reduce production costs and provide better customer service.
  • meeting the expected expansion in the market because of the aging population, concerns for the environment and an increased interest in gardening.
  • growing greenhouse vegetables in greenhouse space during the off season for bedding and potted plants.
  • producing some of the imported nursery stock, trees and shrubs. The advantages of locally produced stock are lower costs (transportation) and locally produced material may be better climatized.
  • there may also be a market for locally propagated native species.
  • local nurseries could also promote the sale of the other local products such as peat, compost, soil mixes, building stone and nursery sod.

Greenhouse producers also face the challenges of higher production costs, smaller operations and a small market.


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