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Agriculture Access Road and Electrical Program


To increase farm efficiency and promote the development of agriculture by providing off-farm access roads and electrical service.

Agriculture Access Roads

Construction and re-construction of off-farm agriculture access roads, construction or replacement of bridges and/or culverts and where such services are required to maintain or increase the efficiency of farming or where access roads are needed to open up new land to make farming more viable.

Electrical Service

Electrical service may be provided to farm units where electricity is required to increase production.

Road Maintenance

This program provides for the maintenance of public roads which access farming areas, increases the life expectancy of the roads and minimizes overall road maintenance and reconstruction costs.

The program does not apply to private roads and bridges. However, the program provides for design services for private farm roads.

Program Objectives

  • Improve farmland utilization, including access to suitable undeveloped land
  • Improve farm management
  • Increase farming effciency
  • Provide access road maintenance to farm and blueberry management units.

For further information contact the Services - Access Roads or Agricultural Development Officer for your area.


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