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The Agrifoods Development Branch has an established Geographic Information System (GIS) maintained by the Land Resource Stewardship Division. This Agrifoods GIS maintains geospatial data for both soils and land use information and has developed policies, procedures and standards for geospatial data along with quality assurance/quality control protocols for all GIS/GPS datasets.

Government Infrastructure

In 2001, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador recognized the need for a standardized GIS infrastructure and adopted the ESRI platform as the standard platform throughout all government departments. This standard GIS hardware and software ensures consistent access, availability, and performance and promotes data sharing and coordination. This enables the Agrifoods Development Branch to readily access digital base data, digital aerial photography and high resolution satellite imagery from other government departments and non-government organizations.

Geospatial Data Requests

Geospatial data requests to the Agrifoods Development Branch are handled by the GIS staff within the Land Resource Stewardship Division. Data\maps are compiled from in-house material when available and from data collected by soil surveyors, agricultural land use staff, Agriculture Development Officer and various departmental specialists (i.e. crops, livestock, and poultry). The GIS staff compiles the geospatial data from all the relevant sources and provides the data\maps to respective staff members for data verification and update. The Agrifoods geospatial database is dynamic in nature and is continually being updated by data collection staff. With the support of the soil surveyors, agricultural land use staff, Agriculture Development Officer and specialists (crops, livestock, poultry) the department will be able to continually maintain geospatial data necessary for various industry commodities groups and government support services.

Other Applications

The Agrifoods Development Branch geospatial database contains information on the entire agriculture sector. This information is utilized by individual farmers for environmental farm planning, nutrient management planning, APF progress monitoring, industry management and decision making processes by Government and NGO's.

For further information contact the GIS Specialist or Agricultural Representative for your area.


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