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Livestock insurance is a provincial program designed to provide insurance to compensate Newfoundland and Labrador producers for the death or injury of sheep, goats, dairy cattle or beef cattle caused by dogs or other predators. Producers, who register their animals for insurance prior to April 1 of each year and who pay the insurance premiums, are covered until March 31 in the event any of their animals are killed or severely injured (need to be put down) by a predator.

Livestock Owners Compensation Board

The Livestock Owners Compensation Board is appointed by the Provincial Government. Under The Livestock Insurance Act, R.S.N. 1990, c.L-23, the Board will insure an owner against loss or severe injury of livestock caused by dogs or other predators, subject to limitations and restrictions set out in the Act and the Contract of Insurance.

Application Procedure

Applications are mailed to known livestock producers during the last week of February or are available from the Area Agriculture Office. Applications must be received by the Corner Brook office by April 1 to meet application deadlines. Premiums must accompany the application in order for the insurance to take effect. Newly purchased livestock must be insured within 30 days of purchase. Proof of purchase (i.e. receipt) will be required. Lambs must be insured within 30 days after birth.



Contract of Insurance

When the completed application is received by the Board, a "Contract of Insurance" is issued to the livestock owner. The contract outlines the responsibilities and duties of both the livestock owner and the Board. It also lists all livestock insured under the contract upon certification of ear tag numbers or registration papers by Board representatives.

Claim Procedure

Insured livestock owners whose livestock have been injured or killed by dogs or other predators must officially report the loss to the Board or any of Agrifood's designated staff at a local Agriculture Office within 48 hours of the discovery of the attack.

To initiate a claim, the livestock owner must complete a "Notice of Livestock Loss or Injury" and "Request for Inspection". The carcass of any animal destroyed must be produced as well as the ear tag as evidence in order for insurance to be paid. When the Board receives notification of loss, a Board representative completes a "Claim and Inspection Report". After an inspection has been completed, it is the owner's responsibility to complete an "Affidavit" and have it notarized by a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, or an official with Agrifoods. The Board will then review the claim and make its decision.

Further Information

Further information may be obtained from the local Agriculture Office.

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